Monday, November 30, 2009

First Magazine Article!!

Wow- I had full intentions to sit down this evening and write up several posts to cover the ridiculous amount of adventurous fun I've had the past two weeks, but... this came in the mail today (okay, email) and I can't resist:

I'm published!!!  Remember when I gushed about meeting Jenny Hart, the embroidery artist?  And I mentioned I hoped my meeting would be acceptable as an article topic for a new on-line magazine called NEEDLE?  Well, my hopes were met--- I made the first page!  I'm so excited!!!  The magazine format is so professional and interesting, and the editors didn't butcher my writing during the editorial process like others have done in the past (*cough*Play Shakespeare*cough*).  I'm just so pleased!

Seeing my byline on that first page gave me such a rush!  Wow.  I'll be saying that for a while to come.  Wow.


  1. Katie- Congrats!!!! That is so exciting. I just read the article- well done!

  2. A chef. A writer. Travel the World. Cook. Write. Hmmm...sounds like a good way to kill a few years! Without really working I might add.

  3. Awesome Kate! Congratulations!