Monday, October 19, 2009

Sublime Stitching

Last Thursday evening, I had the chance to attend the opening of an exhibition of fiber artists at a small gallery in the Marais.  The show, entitled "Fils Croises," highlights the works of several artists, one among them being Jenny Hart, the uber-cool creator of Sublime Stitching.  Here's Jenny in all her glory:

photo by Aubrey Edwards for Juxtapoz magazine, from
Many of you might not know this, but I am quite the craft-addict at heart, particularly those crafts relating to threads (mainly knitting, embroidery, and sewing).  I used to do A LOT of stitchin' when I was younger, but college and then work and well grown-up life took over and my sewing fell to the wayside.  But, seeing as how I have more free time on my hands here than I know what to do with and since Paris is one of the thread capitals of the world, I've recently found a renewed love of all things stitchin' related.  Included in this love is my "daily reading" of crafty blogs, which is how I have somehow managed to get a writing assignment for a new online-magazine called "Needle."  The assignment?  Interview Miss Hart for the mag.

I was nervous about this.  I mean, she looks SO cool.  And, her work is SO cool.  I was worried about interrupting her opening night at the gallery.  I needn't have been so silly.  Jenny was SO nice.  She chatted with me for at least 20 minutes, answering all of my questions and filling in any gaps my questioning might have missed.  I think the neatest thing about her, besides her work of course, is the amazing fact that she only learned how to embroider 9 years ago!!  I mean, this is amazing!  Take a look at her work here or here.  Not only is the woman prolific, she's really good.  She also runs an amazingly successful company (Sublime Stitching in case you missed it earlier) that she is very proud of having built all by herself in less than a decade.  I found her to be inspiring, as well as kind.  Her philosophy is that anyone can stitch, and she designs her products around that.  If you look through her tutorials on her website, you'll see what I mean.  I'm ordering her books as soon as I get back to the States, so watch out, friends!  I think they'll be more than one baby or mamma running around with a bitchin' stitch on their shirt-fronts done by yours truly!  Oh and the drum-set on a tee for Jonny?  That too.


  1. Really do lookout, dear readers, I've booties and hats to evidence this writers'frenzy. Kate, your first assignment is to craft me a right handed mitten, with only the three most auxilliary (sp?) digits covered. This is to exposed the trigger finger for shooting whilst maintaining a covered warmth for the thumb and the aforementioned digits.

  2. Right, Pirate Dad. I'll get right on that... although what you plan to be shooting both baffles and scares me at the same time. Arghh??!