Sunday, July 19, 2009

Last Day In London and Other News

Well, Jon and I are at the end of our London visit. We leave tomorrow after almost two weeks of happy lounging with Jamie and Steve. I think the best parts of the visit have been (besides getting to spend so much time in Harmon land, of course):

1. Getting to eat so much of Jon's lovin' from the ovin, i.e. he's been using us as (willing) guinea pigs in his desire to keep up with his culinary skills.

2. Seeing JUDE LAW on stage as Hamlet in the Donmar West End's production of the play. Jamie and I stood in line for two hours (in the rain) on Wednesday morning to get standing room tickets for the matinee of the play. It was more than worth it, not only because the production was so damn good (Jude Law plays anguished youth quite well), but also because we also saw the new Harry Potter while waiting around for the play to start. Awesome day!!!

I'll help warm you up, Hammy...

Besides spending the last week or so in London, Jon and I also took a trip to Croatia, to renew my tourist visa with France (had to get out of Europe) and to celebrate his completion of the classroom portion of his training. We stayed on a little island off the coast of Dubrovnik, which is in Dalmatia. It was beautiful! Very relaxing and pleasant. We would definitely go back. Here's a shot of us enjoying the sunset.

You can check out all of the pics in my Picassa album:
And, in totally unrelated travel news, I'm an aunt!!! The first child of my family's next generation was born to my brother and his wife on July 7. May I introduce...


My sister and I decided that all we want to do is squeeze him! So cute!