Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Another "Free" Lance Article

I received a rather crazed email from someone who shall not be named (ah-hem) implying that my silence here was attributed to possible espionage activities-- perhaps I'd gotten abducted by enemy agents and was lying forgotten in a dank basement somewhere while waiting for the government to pay my ransom? But since I'm not a spy (but think it would be fun if I were (aside from the kidnapping of course)... that would make quite a statement on a business card, wouldn't it? Kate Houston - International Espionage), you can chalk up my lack of posts lately to the fact that I took a little hop up to London for the weekend to play with Jamie and Steve. We had tons o' fun, and we never even left Chiswick!

Aside from train rides and too much wine, how else have I been keeping myself busy lately, you ask? Well, I've been very crafty and am currently working on several Christmas gift projects (Family- you are fairly warned), and I've been volunteering for the AWG, the American Women's Group of Paris. Now, anyone who knows me, knows that I am SO not the Junior League type. I barely made it out of two years of sorority life alive! But, this group couldn't be further from what I initially thought it would be. Instead of lots of boring requirements before any fun can be had, this group exists mainly to provide the Anglo residents of Paris with a means to socialize. Yes, there are many charity activities one can participate in, but during any given week, I can also tour a museum, go to an antiques auction, a fashion show, or sample wine with an expert. In other words, it's a lot of fun! And, because I needed something to do, I offered to help out in the office. This quickly turned into my wowing the ladies with my oh so exceptional computer skills (you should be chuckling now) to the point that I am now producing the weekly newsletter (okay- make that, you should be guffawing). I am also writing articles for the website, the first of which was just published: http://www.awgparis.org/2008/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=76&Itemid=69. I know- the photos are wonky (I had nothing to do with that), but the writing is all mine. And unlike that horrid harpy over at the Shakespeare site, my editor here did not impede on the integrity of my work. So while I'm not going to be paid for this (sorry, Dad), I'm enjoying the fact that I am serving a greater purpose than just fulfilling my own daily desires. That's not a bad feeling at all.

And, just to keep all in the loop as to The Broad's non-abroad life, the house closes tomorrow. That's right, as of 3 pm on October 7, Hubby and I will no longer be home-owners. THANK BLOODY GOD!!!! This also means that the adventure, while drawing to a close in Paris, is no where near over. Goody!


  1. But the next installment of the adventure will continue in the States, right? RIGHT?

  2. Congrats on the house closing but I am so SAD you are not FORCED to come back to Jax! :(

  3. P.S. The girl Who played with fire and the girl with the dragon tatoo are SO GOOD! (Am noticing your shelfari)