Monday, September 7, 2009

Lazy Afternoon in Luxembourg

Megan came back yesterday and as her hubby skedaddled back to the States this morning and mine went to slave away in the bowels of the Ritz, we had the whole day to ourselves.  She's been traveling and on the go a lot lately, so we decided to take it easy.  We lounged about all morning, getting motivated to leave the apartment only when our bellies growled for food.  After a nice salad lunch at one of my favorite local cafes (The Cafe St. Placide), we strolled down to Luxembourg Garden.  Here's a bit of what we did:

 Reading at the Medici Fountain

Watching this adorable old retriever evade his owner and the police while chasing ducks in the Grand Basin.

Watching the old men play a serious game of Boules.
Peeking at the beehives-- the honey will be for sale at the end of the month!
Admiring the abundant fruit trees-- Napoleon instituted courses here in the fruit-growing arts, open to the public, that continue to this day!

 Afternoon tea at Bread and Roses Cafe.

Although it was a nice and warm day, with plenty of sun, the faint hint of fall was still in the air.  Summer is over here in Paris.  Everyone seems to know it, even the trees...


  1. i keep posting comments and I never see them. this is a test comment. do you hate my comments and delete them? am I comment leaving imapaired?

    urban beekeeping=amazing.

  2. They are here- I love your comments!! For some reason, with my blogspot page, you have to click on the comments link to see them. I can't figure out how to have them always visible...

  3. You relaxed me just reading that post! I now have the energy to go make dinner!

  4. Seriously, one of my favorite days the whole trip (minus the blisters)! You failed to mention the bird pooping on me and my book at the fountain - such an integral point to this story!