Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Iraqi Bundles of Love

So today's post has nothing to do with Kate being abroad, but it does deal with people abroad- in Iraq to be exact. If you're friends with me on FB, you'll know that I recently read and was really affected by Greg Mortenson's story in the book Three Cups of Tea. Since finishing the book, I have been thinking about ways to help the people of Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iraq, namely in the area of education. Yesterday, while leisurely skimming my favorite blogs, I came across this post and immediately recognized my first opportunity to help.

Iraqi Bundles of Love (IBOLs) was started by a US soldier (the son, brother, and husband of quilters) who saw the need to supply Iraqi women with sewing supplies in order to provide them with a means to support themselves and their families. On his own initiative, he organized the IBOL program. You can find more about it here: http://ibol.wordpress.com/

For those of us who don't have or don't want to be troubled with sewing supplies, the people at Sew, Mama, Sew! (they recap the program much better than I do) have kindly put together a complete IBOL for purchase for only $15. This is an incredible price for what is included. I'll admit, I bought a few.


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  1. This is very cool. Did you see this story? Along the same lines.