Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dinner with Friends

Jon had Friday and Saturday off, so we decided to amuse ourselves accordingly. Friday we headed to The Louvre, because in all our time here we had yet to make an appearance at the storied edifice. More on that visit in another post.

Friday night we had a lovely dinner with my old (in the sense of "dear") friend, Alisa Beth Salois and her husband, Matt. AB is my greatest friend from my year in Melbourne (FL, not Australia). Aside from Suz, she is also my most loyal blog reader/commenter. She and Matt live in Reading, England, and they took a trip to Paris for a few days.

I'm so glad we got to meet up and spend some time together. AB and Matt wanted to have a "typical Bistro" experience for dinner. For me, this implies bad service, ridiculous prices, and mediocre food. So, I did some research in the attempt to avoid this, and found what I thought would be the perfect place: Cafe Constant, a little bistro right down from the Tour. It's the "cheap" version of Chef Christian Constant's famous fare. It doesn't take reservations, which worked well for us as we arrived right as the first seating began. The space was TINY! The food was good. The Salois were fois gras newbies, so we ordered some. It was delicious (I'm not sure if AB and Matt liked it though). AB and I had the roast chicken, Matt the steak, and Jon the fish. All very good dishes. My biggest complaint with the place was the service (spotty at best) and the cutlery (the knives were so dull we could have used them as makeup applicators). So, I think that my friends got the experience they duly wanted only with a twist-- good food, good company, and annoying French waiters. Perfect!


  1. We loved both loved it all - the food (even the experience of trying the duck liver!!), the place (even the spotty service), and most especially the company (even though our time together was too short)!!!

    Matt talked about his beef and wine for the rest of our trip... and gushed about it yesterday during a phone conversation home!

    I can't believe I made it on your blog!! I'm smiling ear to ear!

    Many thanks for EVERYTHING!

  2. Katie- I see on your Shelfari that you are reading In Defense of Food. Alex and I saw teh documentary Food Inc. last night and Michael Pollan was in the film. It was amazing! I can't wait to read his book.