Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas in... Frankfurt!

Last Saturday night, Jon and I took the high speed German train (much nicer than the TGV-- it has wood-paneling, people.  Wood. Paneling.) to Frankfurt for a quick trip up to see a German Christmas market.  This is something I've been talking about doing for months, but I never pulled the trigger on it.  Thankfully, my hubby did, and boy, am I glad.  It was so much fun!

Sunday morning we got up and took the metro to the main square of Frankfurt.  After a cup of coffee, we proceeded to wander the market.  Wow-- from ornament vendors to pretzel stands, the atmosphere was one of a giant carnival the lively spirit of which wasn't dampened even by the persistent rain and cold.

We spent the day eating sausages, drinking beer and mulled wine (lots and lots of mulled wine) , and enjoying the Christmas spirit we'd been missing in Paris.  Sure, the lights in Paris are great-- but there isn't a whole lot else going on in the streets.  Since we Americans adopted a lot of our holiday traditions from the Germans, Jon and I felt really happy to see so many familiar Christmas sights. 

All we did for two days was wander the market, buying ornaments and trinkets and having a good time.  I'm glad I got to see an authentic Christmas market, and I highly recommend the experience for anyone who has the chance.

Here's the Picasa Album of our trip... fun!

Frankfurt's Christmas Market

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