Sunday, December 14, 2008

How to Avoid Packing and Yet Still Spend Time Wisely

14 December 2008

So, I’m moving out of my house in a week from tomorrow. In order to make the experience as painful as possible, I have of course found interesting ways to avoid the actual business of packing not least among them a renewed love of the sartorial arts.

Regard my latest projects:

A pair of gator p.j. pants for Jon. I learned how to do button holes for these. I also learned that when dealing with a one-way pattern, one should not cut the pieces out two at a time. That’s okay- Jon didn’t even notice that one side of his jammies is upside down!

A hanging bag. I made this for a friend (who shall remain nameless as she reads this blog of mine) who is the only person I know with a clothesline. I mean a real, outdoor, I’m hanging my clothes on the line, clothesline. We were shopping and saw a really cute bag for clothespins but it cost like 50 bucks!! I told her I could make one for her, so I did. Except… I think it’s too cute to keep on the line outside! So, I made her another one out of a tea towel (much sturdier and easier to clean) and am keeping this one to put unmentionables in.

That’s it. I had to pack the sewing machine. Maybe I’ll find a friend in Paris with a penchant for handcrafts. If not, I’ll just deal with it. I’ll live. I guess.

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  1. You and Laura are truly peas in a pod. I don't know how you'll do without each other. She'll be hitting you up for French craft magazines weekly. ;)